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What We Do

Public Equity large positions in both growth-equity and dividend-yielding stocks. Smaller positions in event-driven stocks (ie. privatization of Chinese ADRs) seek to boost overall investment returns. Positions in public fixed-income securities are also taken. 


Private Debt longer-term positions are structured as convertible debt or non-convertible debentures / notes. First trust deeds in both six-month and one-year terms are also sought in order to provide additional liquidity while providing cash-flow. 


Private Equity minority positions in direct-investments, especially where market / product / service is focused on Greater China so that UEI may leverage its local knowledge and resources. Fund-investments are sought across evergreen and private-equity funds. 


Real Estate performing commercial and residential properties are acquired at favorable cap-rates. UEI typically leverages investments post-acquisitions as cap-rates compress. Acquisitions can be both opportunistic and long-term. 


Seed Funding primarily US-based early stage companies in Biotech and Healthcare. By utilizing our extensive network of entrepreneurs and industry experts in China, we can provide long-term support for our portfolio companies if they plan to penetrate the Chinese market. 



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